Saturday, January 8, 2011

Another Sweet Carbon 29er HT

So, there is some talk about who is making the sweetest carbon 29er hardtail this year. Check out the Scott Scale 29 RC. Frame weight guaranteed to be 949 grams or less...Scott weighs every frame off the production line and if the frame is 950 grams or greater it becomes the "Pro" version. Also the frame has built in rear vertical compliance of about 5mm and a 69.5 degree headtube angle.

I have ridden this bike a few times and this is a bike to lust after. Just sayin'. The price is on par with other high end carbon frames at $1799 MSRP.

Now go train on a bike, get off the couch and off of your computer! This roadie, me, is going to punish some mountain bikers this year; word.


  1. Sounds like a bike T-Dawg should look into. I like how they slackened the HA more than most companies. Smart.

    -Roadie Crusher

  2. Yarghh... Now how am I going to choose?
    I like the weight. We're sliding towards 18 Lbs. If I wait till 2011 I think I can get 17. No new bike till I hit 180-185 for 3 months.