Saturday, January 8, 2011


So, after the Formula One's went mushy in the lever AGAIN I had to send them off to Formula for another rebuild. Second trip to the spa in 18 months. Why? I don't know. But like everyone's other favorite Italian brand, Ferrari - the only people apparently qualified to handle the maintenance are Trained Specialists. Pretty frustrating. That's the price I pay for using the worlds lightest and strongest mtb brake I suppose. F'n Italians. Fortunately its January.

JR hooked me up on some Saints in the meantime. First 2 piston DH brake I've used. In a word: POWER. These brakes are solid and nothing but brute force power. Not much in the way of modulation, and fade is a word not in the Saint vocabulary. Comparatively the Saints don't have nearly the same amount of modulation or lever finesse as The One's, with the Saints offering a little more raw power.

If you are brake happy, wanting to make T to B runs at the Whistler Bike Park or are delusional about taking a spin down Schladming and you don't want to worry about heating up and fading at any point EVER then these are for you. The F350 of the mtb brake world. Oorah!

Anxiously awaiting the return of The One's. My Precious now tips the scale at 27.35 lbs, .25lbs more than with the temperamental One's on the bars. Sad day indeed.

Do these brakes make me look fat?


  1. Its a prototype 2012.25 Giro. Can't talk about it really. All I've got to say is - my bike feels 5 pounds lighter when I'm wearing it. Crazy new technologies coming in the next year or two.

  2. Do those brakes work well in a road race? Seems like a bit of overkill. People keep talking about this so called bicycle made to go over mountains but all I've seen are small tires and dudes wearing all-too-reveling HOT!!!

  3. Running brakes with a combined weight that is higher than your rotational weight is all the rage in the Swiss Peloton right now. Something about antimatter and the Large Hadron Collider....and I'm sure Halliburton is somehow involved. See you at Mason Lake. I'll be the guy hooking spandex with my Woodchippers.

  4. Those would be saintly on my chubby DH