Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Winter Training, Early Season

Now that i've picked the 7 races that I want to do this year I have also figured out a "training" plan to get ready for the race season. Here is a brief description.

3-4 road rides a week, 2-3 hours long, at 70%, until March.

Starting in March intensity will go up and mountain bike rides/races will be thrown in. Still at least 3 days a week on the road.

Starting in April it will be 50/50 Mtb/road. More fast trail rides and road intervals. Probably try and stick with this through May.

Depending on weather, June-Sept will be 80/20 Mtb/road. Still at least 3 days a week.

Most road rides will be on the Chehalis Western Trail, and most mtb rides will start at the Y and begin with a fire road climb(s) to the peak and end with a long trail descent(s).

Race schedule (tentative)

BUDU Black Diamond XC
BUDU Whidbey Island XC
Bellingham mtb festival SD, XC
OSD Hood River
OSD Bend? (or Oakridge?)
Capitol Forest Classic SD, XC
OSD Sandy Ridge

Giddy up!


  1. careful with all of the road riding or some people might start calling you a "roadie".

  2. Ha! Never! I'm just a mountain bike racer who has seen the light.

  3. A "roadie" is what mountain bikers call other mountain bikers who are either A)faster than them B)beat them in a race or C)both.

    "That f'n roadie beat me by 4 minutes and 18 seconds. He wouldn't have beat me if he didn't ride the road all the time. F'n roadie. Pffft."

    My 2011.5 v1.01 training plan: whatever Jagger is planning X2. BTW - not enough races in there dude. Step it up man. Race or die.

    Seriously: SD SD SD SD SD.

  4. That training plan I listed is just a coy so you don't think i'm training enough. My real training plan is so radical that if I said it out loud someone might try and put a hit out on me.

    Get your shit dialed, because you're coming with me! It's crazy to think doing 5 super d's in the NW next year is only about 50% of them!

  5. Still have some setup issues to work out on the Tracer. It's almost a go.

  6. I hear ya. I'm already thinking about a Norco full susp. as an addition to my stable. The hardtail rips on the right trails and in the right conditions but a dually would be nice on some courses. My options are a 26er Fluid 1 or the Shinobi. I tried to envision having smaller wheels on my ride today and it was hard to imagine. I still like big wheels better. But I like short, snappy, playful bikes also. Right now i'm leaning towards a Shinobi with a DHX coil in the rear and a new fox 140mm fork when it comes available. My Canfield is my short snappy playful bike. The Shinobi would be my bike for more DH style SD courses.