Sunday, May 17, 2015

Twin Peaks Reboot

A moto collective and DNR just wrapped up the primary construction phase of the upper reroute on Twin Peaks trail. More fine tuning and drainage work to come - but for now the section is wide open, loose and fun. After a season of use and tuning, this section will be settled in and
ripping fast.

A DNR carved,  high quality soon to be moto bermed corner

New view. New trail marker. 
The drop in
Cam may or may not be buried in this spot
Cameron Lewis or Clark Sloan 


The lower reroute has seen a first phase rough in. This section will be mostly hand crafted, with an expected Aug 1 completion date. 
Work party announcements coming soon. 

Grab your bike. Head to the Red Trails and start breaking them in. Now. 

Monday, May 11, 2015

The 12 best corners in Capitol Forest

This is a superb 10 mile loop. 
A mildly mind bending climb up C8000 followed by a prime example of a Capitol Forest big view traverse and then The 12 Best Corners in Capitol Forest. 
Rock Candy trail. Formerly North Rim. 

Logging bad? Meh. Trails get faster, views get bigger. It's a tree farm. 
A forest worth missing once it's harvested
The peripherally limitless green framed whoop exit 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Last Sunday in April!

Hello All!

Just a reminder that we'll be grinding some gravel up in Capitol Forest tomorrow.  We'll depart from the N side of Capitol Lake at noon, ride pavement up to The Y, and climb gravel up into the NE part of the forest.  We'll then drop back to Delphi or up to Rock Candy.

Expect 30 miles or so, and plenty of ups!  Hope to see you tomorrow!

Friday evening no place I'd rather be

Getting old Trail 30 tuned up. Twin Peaks Trail. Capitol Forest. Save The Roots.