Sunday, December 14, 2014

Some interesting driving stats

Top Foods Westside to - 

  • SBH - 7 minutes
  • Rock Candy TH - 13 minutes 
  • ORV Park - 17 minutes
  • The Y - 17 minutes 
  • Margarett McKenny TH- 20 minutes
  • Old Bordeaux CG - 21 minutes 
  • Mima Mounds TH - 23 minutes
  • LLMT - 30 minutes 
  • Fall Creek TH - 32 minutes


The North End
An opportunity for woodsy adventure around every corner

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Red Army Recon

Various sections of red trails Slide trail and Twin Peaks trail today.
Nice and balmy out there with the ever classic winter fog over the low lands and sun above The Y. Good to get out of Oly Proper for some CF UV.

Grease. Roots. Rocks. Puddles. Steep(ish). Fun. 

 View from C8200 south to Helens and the
Bucoda coal plant steam stacks - Go Solar.
And please don't judge me for that water bottle location - only option.


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

having doubts about what you are/or where you are headed today?

It was one of those clear, brisk and breezy fall days.  I was planning on playing hooky from work to head up to Tacoma for an urban rambler ride, but when I got to the bus station, there were already two bikes on the 605 Express’s bus rack.  Damn!, I wish Intercity Transit had more of the racks with three slots (like a lot of the Seattle buses have).  O well, I thought to myself as I kept riding by, 5 or so seconds of “what to do now” rallied in my head, as I pulled over to the curb to decide upon my fate.  I scratched my head, and noticed that the Shelton Route 6 bus was sitting there in bay L, with an empty bike rack.  It struck me as odd for a second as this was not the proper time for it to be departing on a Tuesday, but then it dawned on me that it was Veterans Day, and it must be running on its weekend schedule. Hesitation should be expected, if not be mandated when considering the idea of heading to do an urban rambler in Shelton, but I didn’t hesitate a bit and let fate take it’s course, 5 minutes later I was heading westward for one dollar and fifty cents.