Sunday, December 28, 2014


I can't seem to stay away from The Red Zone.

Maybe it's the fact that some of the moto trails are steep enough and or drain well enough that they have very little standing winter water. Maybe it's the increased pucker factor of the winter grease to go along with the usual Three R's - roots, rock and ruts. Or maybe it's the quiet calm of non-moto season.
Yes, all of the above.

Trail 30 (Twin Peaks trail) is not officially open - there is active logging near the trail. I snuck in on a Sunday while the rusty steel rigs and cables sat idle and ready for the coming week of hauling timber up the slopes. All clear, today. I made the usual direct shot up C8200 and straight up and through the switchbacks to the C4000/C8000 intersection. My plan was to head around the Larch Mountain trail and connect back to the bottom of C8200 via Twin Peaks/Larch Mountain/Slide/Twin Peaks. After a few big, deep puddles on Larch Mountain trail I decided to not get totally drenched from the bottom side up so I turned around and rode Twin Peaks straight back down - with a few breaks to  clean up some logging debris in the recent clear cut.
It was a great, classic, white knuckle, chunderfest descent - and mostly dry. 

Roaming red trail Winter Perfection

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