Tuesday, April 8, 2014

(Some sort of creative alliterative way of describing how I'm posting multiple unrelated videos on a tuesday)

Enve's going all out on this product launch, no expense paid. Sort of like their wheels.
*Olydirt is in no way affiliated sponsored or supported by Enve in any way that would create a monetarily or otherwise persuasive influence on our part to feature their product. I just really want a pair.
**The phrasing of "I just really want a pair" could be misinterpreted in a way I did not intend.
I want Enve wheels.

Max sent it a little deep out at the kaiser trails from Cam Sloan on Vimeo.
This on is a fun one. Theres a learning curve apparently when it comes to reducing your travel by four inches and trying to hit the same jumps your used too. Max sort of hit the curve. Bonus points if you
name the trail.
*EDIT: I included the trail name in the title. Whoops. No bonus points.

The sequel from Cam Sloan on Vimeo.
</> Heres the after math. Remember kids, its only cool if the blood touches your socks or glove, otherwise don't talk about it. In this case it was all over the socks and gloves and later the kitchen floor.

First Look: 2014 Specialized Enduro SX - More Mountain Bike Videos

Speaking of sick product launches this one of my favorite of all time. It's an oldie and you'll have to get through the inane amount of so cal drawl in the begining, but the riding is worth it. Also that bike though. I tried so hard last year to give specialized my money, but they didn't bring extras. jerks. Only bike they've made that I actually wanted. #Northkoreaofbikecompanies.


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  2. you mis-spelled that name, you meant of course Keyser Soze http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keyser_S%C3%B6ze