Sunday, April 6, 2014

Photo drop

 Probably the only Hadley thru bolt XT 135 hub in existence. DA special. If you have to  ask...

 Try that in the back of your Suparoo. And with room to spare. 

 Nice forest in the SBH. 

Spooky big leaf maple. Strange shape and growth. Weird vibe in this spot. Strange energy field causing the deformed growth pattern. Probably the center of a traversable wormhole. SBH.

Fresh *tarmac in the SBH. *Sue me, Specialized.




  1. vans for life, not only the shoe. love the pics, am familiar with most of them, except for the last one of the quad bridge. it is good to know there is always something new you can find.

  2. that Van over there looks impressive lolz