Sunday, April 20, 2014

Cedar flats portals re-visited

View cedar flats loop-2 in a larger map

Nathan and I headed out for a sweet forest road adventure this morning. 

With a new clear cut image on google earth appearing during the last few years, I had my doubts as to whether my old "back door-portal" was going to work.
this is how it looked 3 or 4 years ago

this is how it looks now.  I was able to zoom in enough last night, to see evidence that the local quad track boyz had indeed cut new trail, so we proceeded with good faith.

The VERY end of the b-8000 road, is very un-familiar territory, and quite worth a witness.  
the fresh clear-cut views over the delphi valley w/the sub-blacks were impeccable. 

It was invigorating to be in a part of the forest that not-too-many-people explore. Crazy side walking paths spotted along creeks amidst skunk cabbage in the low lying manke timber lands.  As well, crazy side walking paths in the upper dnr lands spotted that we still have a question mark over our heads about.  Evidence of salal pickers, wierd rogue trails, candy wrappers and burrito fuselage = "The Boys" . 
Our long gravel road journey was filled with awe and catching up with each other, and what was going on in our lives.  At each turn, life was good.  We contemplated a left turn descent towards the alpine drive connector, but that would have been too quick of a journey; we stayed true to our mission.

The terrain was enjoyable all the way through.  
But, in the case of a severely rainy day prior, we much more enjoyed the elongated forest road descent back to the end of cedar flats rd (@ sea level), than we did the puddle trough-ed rock candy descent.

Either way, the forest is still full of suprises and good times.  Thank you olydirt. Happy fucking easter!


  1. Great write up. Love the maps and photos. Last time I was out there, I noticed a well traveled path leading up hill near that boulder. Looked inviting.

  2. Yeah, that was where the burrito wrapper was. Definite signs of salal pickers in area, But the path was well enough established to make us wonder if someone had a fort up there. Also, on Mancke land off of Benson, there were trails all over the place.

  3. Interesting. It just goes to show how big and wild Capitol Forest is. There is a lot out there beyond the Fall Creek TH. Enjoyed reading about your adventure.