Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Buy your carbon 1%er dream bike, NOW!

Here you go -

Blur TRc. $2500. This bike was $6500 3 years ago. Buy it now!


Nomad C. $3000. This was a $7500 bike 2 years ago. Buy it now!

S Works Enduro. $3900. This was a $10,000 bike, LAST YEAR. Buy it now!

These are just a few examples, and the prices should keep dropping. So head over to ebay or Pink Bike and pick up your deep discount dream bike now and then firmly stand atop the podium, on the shoulders of the same guys who just dumped their 26" yesterday's dream machine for today's 27.5" miracle and have come to find out their times didn't improve and they just got beat by the guy they sold their little wheeler to.

All in jest. This isn't a 27.5 bash. All bikes are good. The tweeners do have some benefits. I am riding one now. I will own a tweener suspension bike before the year is up, most likely. But if I weren't such a good sheople of the American Debt Slavery Consumption Capitalist System, I would be taking my own advice and ripping the trails apart this summer on the
TRC I've been lusting over for the last few years.
Maybe I will.

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