Thursday, January 23, 2014

wedekind trail on MLK day up in the cap'

seeing a lot of killer shots coming out of iphones these days and jealous, i decided to go oldschool with my digital camera shot from my wedekind trail ride this last monday, and break out the old photoshop97.

the original shot was pretty washed out,

but i loved the composition of the low winter sun through the trees, with old stump detail in the foreground. i am stoked on how it turned out after some slight poster edges/sharpen edges/color corrections.  can't wait to learn my turns again soon on all of the filters that program has to offer.

prior, did a little bit of morning trail work on llmtn, then a fall creek to wedekind out-and-back ride with jeff.   to inspect drainage, and the future re-route possibilities on the bad drainage'd/old rr grade/failed turn-piked/old log pole/bumpy section just down from wedekind, just after the steel and wood bridge that crosses this awesome
rock-faced stream (non-photoshop). 

hopefully focf will get the okay from dnr to make the re-route that will solve that last bad-buzz section on the whole route, and turn it into a singletrack work-around on the right side through the trees(when descending) on that section.