Monday, January 20, 2014

Some where not here

A new year, a new season. My personal and unannounced goal for this winter is to take advantage of every not shitty day we have and ride my bike somewhere on something, or at least it is when I'm not pretending to go to school. There have been a couple Bellyham trips, and a local ride or two and the few pics I took on those made it up in my last little montage and nothing amounted to anything worth actually posting about (Although all of the rides were about as awesome as it gets).

I've been in contact with the Duke now for a few months now trying to get our schedules lined up so that we can ride rad shit and stuff, but as often happens with multiple people with active lives our schedules are always at odds. A few days ago though I got a text from him about this weekend and low and behold not only did it work for everyone but the Pacific North Wet weather gods decided to give us a break. Queue the sun and the stoke its time to head west. 

Matthew had already ridden this cache of glory but I can honestly say that when we loaded up at the ass crack of dawn I had no idea how awesome a day we where going to have. 

Wheres the trail?

I don't want to go so far as to say its easy to forget where we live, but at times we all take for granted the phenomenal terrain that we are blessed (by Yeezus) to live in. This was one of those moments where it all comes back to you.  

This too seriously, look at that fucking rock! 

There something to be said for getting to the top of a climb and being greeted by a bluebird view, but goddamn being socked in just makes the the ride feel that much more epic. Lone ranger style. 

But then the clouds parted and look. Bumps! And my thumb, I really need to get better about that. 

There was more then one stop to hike back up and enjoy the wares. In fact there were a lot. If you like through runs this was not the ride to join us on. But every once and while a session just has to happen.  
The Duke showing us how its done in the run in

And the lip

Gizzmo making his way through the chunder like a true sponsored grom

Welcome to the loam factory.  
This trail had some of the fluffiest and schralpiest loam your tires have ever laid tread on. 

Wrapped up the ride with a nice step down sesh. 
Sent it blind the first time and had my first ass over tea kettle in a nice long while, refreshing.
Second time it was buttah

The Duke sending it deep like a local should

Matthew hucked it in the same way he likes his men. Long and hard.

Big thanks to the Duke for taking us out and showing the spots off. It was a ride for the record book. Great times great folks. More of these adventures to come, and next time I'll bring a real camera. Iphones are so cool for so long. 


  1. Looks like a banger ride! Give me a shout if you're up in Bellingham again, I'm always up for a ride.

  2. Nice write up and fantastic photos. Makes me want to ride an mtb again. I like iPhone journalism - it's doing more with less. Kind of like riding a hard tail.....

  3. This winter (and your post) has made me want to give up skiing and go 100% bike sports and trail building.

  4. thank you MLK day and dirt, and this post.

  5. New to me... but I like it.

    v.,n.,adj.(sh'ralp) To aggressively negotiate terrain using any manner of vehicle. schralped, schralper, schralping, schralpingest
    1. Did you see Hermann Maier schralp that gnar line down the super g course?

    2. The Hermannator was schralping before he flipped out going 4 billion.

    Nice usage Don King.