Sunday, October 27, 2013

Swan Creek pump track build – Day #1

No need for a bike rack when your most generous friend was willing to help out and shows up with a mack truck.

His excavation company is ironically called “RADCO”; he’s got the track hoe skills of a jedi and he IS rad company.  Thank you Marcus Williams for making this day 10x more productive.

The drizzly morning field.

The afternoon’s excavated Palette

Men at work.  And special props' go to Jeff Cook for being the most dedicated (and a big thanks to Brian McGovern for the help and good vibes).

Just after 1:00 pm we took the bikes off the truck and did a few bull dog trail laps of our own,  what an awesome day!


  1. Alright O Town! Spreading the love. How far along did you guys get?

    1. we were happy with a complete site excavation for now and only a pile of dirt on one bermed corner. the next two or three weeks (on sundays), will prove to be the final shapings and trial and error r&d segues

  2. Replies
    1. i thought i was in building nirvana, riding shotgun in a mack truck, seriously cool...