Friday, October 25, 2013

Massive Transit Experience – Orcas Island

This is the third in the series of my massive transit trip posts.  There have been a few closer trips I have taken during the interim - like 360 trails and swan creek; but they weren’t quit massive enough to write about.

When it came time for another journey, the question stood in front of me – “how massive could I get via mass transit (within the scope of the western Washington/Puget Sound region)?”,  the answer was Mt Constitution on the San Juan Islands. Sitting at 2,400 feet, it was kind of like a capitol peak, but situated in the middle of the sound.

Anxiety and a perseverance punch are what got me through this most awesome adventure… The bus to Everett that I needed to catch early in the morning, in downtown Seattle, already had two bikes on the rack.  Noticing a fray'ing front shifter cable while on my ride to catch the ferry back, with the clock ticking, was a little sweating it, and missing the connector bus in Mt Vernon by three minutes all made for an exciting trip.  All the while the full moon was watching over me...

Instead of a full write up, I decided to make a video.  Beware, the sappiness filter was turned off...

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  1. Are you kidding me with that video? That was brilliant. Fine, fine story telling. Great work. Most original.

  2. Doing it right! That's an awesome trip to take and a great documentation of the adventure.