Sunday, June 23, 2013


If Europe is home to Real Enduro Courses, where Curtis Keene's 25lb USA Enduro Stumpjumper would literally crumble in fear at just the sight of the Alps - it is obvious and apparent that when you want to not only survive but attempt to place at one of these races and the option of a dual crown fork is well not an option it appears that the only fork to turn to is Marzocchi(and don't try to confuse me with the fact that this is Italy, home of Marzocchi). All hail coil and lots of oil!!! Also note the lack of wagon wheels and tweeners. I'd love to crush my ego at one these races, and come home fulfilled and humiliated with a middle-of-the-back-of-the-pack finish. I might even train a little, like maybe lose 5 pounds and ride my bike more than once a week and definitely get me a Bike James Prescription. In all seriousness, I really want to race a Super Enduro. And on a more PNW note, Lars placed 4th overall. Nice!

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