Wednesday, June 19, 2013

MRP Fail

So, your MRP guide keeps falling apart - for no apparent reason? Prior to 2013 MRP was using a plastic that was sensitive to some rare and uncommon chain lubricants, like Tri Flo. Yes, Tri Flo. Starting in 2013 MRP is now using a plastic that is OK for use with standard Tri Flo, but still has conditional use.

Here is the latest from MRP -

To get the most out of your MRP chainguide or bashguard, and ensure years of reliable function, it is important to take care when lubricating and cleaning your bicycle and drivetrain. There are several solvents, chemical compounds, and other materials commonly found in lubricants and cleaners that can be detrimental to the polycarbonate found on many MRP products. These include:

- Mineral Spirits
- Propane & Butane (sometimes a propellant in canned lubes)
- Acetone
- Ammonia (in some cleaning materials)
- Benzene
- Hexane
- Kerosene
- MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone)
- Turpentine

“DRY” lubes often contain solvents as delivery agents and are frequently the cause of premature failure.

Exposure to “citrus” degreasers will dramatically reduce the life of your guide or bashguard.

Common signs that harmful products have been used include:

-Failure without attributable impact

-Small, fine cracks around fasteners, reliefs, and seams

-Plastic that has become brittle over time
If your MRP product has these symptoms it is important to replace all the polycarbonate parts at once. Additionally, it is critical to carefully clean all drivetrain components to remove all potentially still harmful residue. Failure to do may result in product failure and potential injury to the rider. Use of caustic lubes and cleaners voids any otherwise applicable warranty.

White Lightning
Finish Line Wet
Pedros Go!
Pedros Synlube
Dumond Tech
Triflow (regular)

Prolink Progold
Purple Extreme
Finish Line Dry
Triflow Dry
Boeshield T-9


  1. Whether it's failure to take biking conditions into consideration or a lack of knowledge about materials, some people make the mistake of using the wrong kind of lubricants and cleaners. Using MRP or not, the information you just shared should make people give more attention to their bikes. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Its well worth paying attention too, I don't believe that the compounds that E13 uses are too different. Keep Calm, Lube On (Intelligently though)

  3. Good point about similar plastics on other guides