Sunday, April 28, 2013

Underworld Cup - Dry Hill NW Cup 2013

  The ODC paid a visit to PA Sunday for some throat shredding heckling and to watch the worlds best DH racers ride some local NW DNR terra firma. It was an awesome day. Within a few minutes of being there I desperately wanted to get kitted up and race my bike - which was fortunately left safe at home. On this day the sport of heckling, I mean spectating was on the docket. This was one of the best times I've had at an mtb race, and I didn't even ride. The place was a party-all-over-the-mountain. And I don't mean a party of your typical mindless degenerate drunk person fashion - intoxicated people standing around slurring nonsense at each other until someone passes out or someone lands on their head at the pump track. No. This party was a party with real purpose - DH racing. If you didn't make it this year, it better be on your list for next year. The Underworld Cup. You'll likely never get another chance to watch or participate in a local race that just happens to be attended by the fastest DH racers on the planet. 480 racers plus spectators.

Bryceland - smoothest and fastest line through The Waterfall. England.

VIDEO: U.S. Grand Prix of Mountain Biking, Port Angeles - More Mountain Bike Videos

Underworld Cup from Jim Graham on Vimeo.
                                                                MY VIDEO

more past the break - 

                       The Bulldog. A bonafide Bad Ass. New Zealand. 

                           Team Robot #probablynotstokedatthismoment

                                                                    Hi, Cam!

          Caption defying.

      Max and other spectator get mowed down by rabid junior off course.

         Max helps junior who is crying for help "I'm stuck".

"Other spectator" cries out "I felt the pins in my broken hand!". Crowd winces.