Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Seaotter, for reals this time

Seaotter's exhausting, but seriously. Its a week straight of sensory overload, in 70-90 degree weather. It totally kicks your ass. Or at least my pale Oly ass, I came back sunburned to high hell. But ya, as of this morning I can finally bring myself to actually look at these pictures, and Its funny, I didn't take 1/4 as many as I thought I did. Talk about sensory overload. 

Jaggers Dream bike. 1638 pivots, equipped with full Gravity components and Fox suspension.
I concede, it looked like it would develop a fair bit of squeak.
Oh ya, thats Gravity carbon.

The million dollar man walks, this was at last years Seaotter as well, and the owner of this prosthetic was there to talk about it. Rad guy, stoked on life. Still racing pro moto. 

Yes it has remote actuation.
I really dont know though, I hope it does. 

Shit bike. Need I say more?

We showed up late to the Envy booth, right when they were packing all their shit up for the night, they still had a shit ton of wheels floating around. I want. I need...

Crappuccinos kept me alive. We wound up at the Starbucks every-night to charge our gagets. 
Oh ya, pro happens. at least pro give aways.

Seriously though. Props to Maintou (never thought Id say that..) for keeping it real, as if I didn't think mountain bikers were assholes enough already, 

We watch this little beauty go real fast downhill. Jill Kitner annihilated the women's field on er carbon 5" trail bike to take the win in DH.


 For the most part of the Otter were too exhausted to drink, but when we do, you can its right next to the air bag at the Sierra Nevada tent.

TLD. Fast. Flashy. Comfortable. Yes I walked out with one.

Throw back to days past. I still kind of want one.


If you have kids, buy them one. I know my little sister has one coming her way, 

I thought this felt great, max didnt. 

We both agreed this sucked. Im pretty sure they poured sand in the stanchions when they built this thing up. Hopefully they try not to suck in the future, companies that have the Kohonas to try and challenge fox and Rockshox are far and few between. 

#buttfuckin... I though Kona sucked? Nope. 

Its not tequila but its almost as good. Cliff kept us running, 

Seriously, they killed it. 

ODC repin it. 

Shut up. I know my fingers in front if the lens and it pisses me off. My cousin was all like "Hey say Hi to the moots rep for me, he my homie!" and the moots rep was all like "Hell ya I know Toby, hes your cousin? Cool story bro why do you think I care?" (Not really but kind of) but then we talked about the builders bike and it was chill. FOCF this is my vote for what the budget should be spent on. Not really. But kind of.  

Fatest flats I've ever seen. Ill have some soon. #E13

We kicked it will Phil Wood for a minute. V2 of the fat V10. CK and Envy. Logos sanded off. Its rad as hell. 


SO fast. SO gorgeous.  
LOADED tried the snot rocket approach to laying rubber on their grips. 

Road team? Sign me up. Fine wine and vinaigrette. It was pretty freakin awesome. 

Seaotter rockgarden, brought to your by Norcal. 

#buttfuckin.... seriously.

That how cool Aptos is. Your just chillin out, trying to buy your sushi for the ride home... and Brett Rheeder shows us and dumps his bike in an empty aisle... And nobody says shit. 


  1. Best Water Gopher report on the net.

  2. Ha! Look, Steve Peat is touching me! Cam, I think there is one photo missing from this...it involves a sexy girl posing with Ms. Batty! Sweet pix, fun journey! Wheres the video highlight reel?

    1. old englishman touching your soft spot? no worries, no hernias, ms batty and friends must surely have a better highlight real...

  3. Huh, I dont think I have Picture of Ms. Batty posing with a sexy lady. Highlight real is coming, takes time. Too much fun.