Friday, April 26, 2013

The year I started watching WC DH

2006. Bad-ass courses, and really tough riders. Rennie and Peatty here in a Rankin/Syndicate 2006 WC DH video. The next year at Downieville, Jagger and I are at the top of this little climb that precedes some famous descent on some trail I can't remember the name of. We are standing there trying to compute the fact that we were riding on dry trails with this strange and warm orange orb in the sky when all of sudden this big beast on a red and white Nomad with a red beard and flat pedals comes cranking up the climb at us - "eh, mate's". Rennie. So we drop in behind him for the DH! It was awesome, for like 5 seconds. Then it was nothing but dust.

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