Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Straight Talk

Which would you rather ride:  An American designed, and legendary company's hopped-up trail bike, or the OG American mountain bike company's full-on downhill rig?
Option 1

I think the answer is evident...
If you are the World Cup Overall Champion, you get to make that decision.  Gwin has assembled a dream team of supporters:  Tomac, Specialized, Troy Lee, Red Bull, and Go Pro.  The best out of the tiny army of brands that make our toys, and the ultimate coach to top it off.  Also, sending straight to the next lip like that is badass.  But despite all of this, he can still keep his head screwed on straight and talk about how hard it is to win world cup races, unlike some of the whinier riders out there.

It's okay, 'Brendog.'  Just wait until World Cup races start again and everyone starts talking about how you're the most stylish rider racing the series. I'm sure you'll feel much better.  Plus, just think about all the cool hook ups you get from being sponsored by Scott:

"For artists and bookworms" -Scott Website

Cool Shoes

Cool new team jerseys

Pretty sure the only thing better than winning races is looking cool.  


  1. The Gwinner! And sorry Brendawg, Elliot Jackson has radder moves.

    Good read!

  2. Its not that I hate Gwin, Its just that I hate Jesus. Bulldog 2013.

    1. jesus w-o-u-l-d be on sick black stealth though..