Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Peacock

A true Capitol Forest Classic loop. Conditions this morning were wet, cold and windy. The puddles were prolific and filled with what I am sure was liquid ice. My quads were frozen, my toes were chilled...and it was nothing short of bliss. 

I haven't been on this loop since 2011. I just didn't make it out there last year. I hadn't ridden the reroute on GL6A since just after it was built either, when it was still fresh and really loose. The reroute has hardened and flows really well. Props to the builders. For some reason I headed out and rode the loop backwards. The loop rides OK this direction, but does not take advantage of the more interesting descent that MP8 is vs GL6. I definitely recommend riding The Peacock counter clockwise. Had a near fail at speed when the front tire started to go on an out sloping bench cut section of trail. The Minions helped salvage what was almost a fern bed face plant. Thanks Maxxis. 

"Raging" Mima Falls

Contemplating waterproof pants and shoe covers


  1. Waterproof pants and shoe covers? Whats next, fenders? 29er? 80mm fork? Racing ralphs? Well at least you ended right.
    Peacock is a blast, 1700'~ gain in a quick 14 miles. I love that loop, you need to beat my 6a descending time.

  2. My Scott Genius 28.25 with 12 bar mounted controls is on order. Yeah. GL6A segment. Looks like I am in 4th, again. My lucky number. Will have to go back with a little more familiarity and do something about it. That is a really neat area of the forest. My very first mtb ride in Capitol Forest was there. Mckenny to Mima Falls and back. Intro to mountain biking class with Bill and Cory Stevenson and the Capitol City Bike Club, 1992. I felt like I was going to die. Might have been the pre-ride Skoal Straight. I loved it.

  3. YES! props to the builders on the 6a re-route - it was really well done. It has some of the funnest flow and great build i have found in our forest. Have really been appreciating it for the last few years - and is the happy smile faced capp'er after shredding gl6 down from d-4000 to margeret mckenny (after i have riden the roads up) (i almost wish i could strava my time on that section:))

  4. Yeah. Such a classic. Strava is fun. The only reason it gets a bad rap is because some people can't control their Strava.