Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mic Check

Everyone else is doing it. Heres a bike check.
Its a Chromag Samurai. 

XC mode

So I tried to buy this bike back in october (Frame only) and I guess I succeeded  if only because I left Joyride with significantly less money then I walked in with. In my mind I was going to wait a month tops and then Id be cruising around on a fresh steal frame. Hot damn was I wrong. Small companies, it turns out, produce small batches, and operate on a different time schedule then the Industry giants. The bike showed up on Tuesday. This gave me a little time to catch up on my Chromag lore. 

Based out Whistler village Chromag was founded back in 2003 on the principle of "fuck pivots". But seriously. Ian Ritz, the OG of Chromag, and former owner of Evolution bike shop, was basicly tired of blowing out squishy bikes in the bike park, and wanted something quiet and reliable. In a age when the industry was pushing suspension in a million different directions, there wasn't interest in going back to the roots and making hard-tails. Ignoring what the big companies said about demand of HTs and with some local pros (read: Tyler Morland), mechanics and by the sounds of it anyone who was sick of blown pivots, Ritz created Chromag. 

Ten years later the company employs three full time staff members, and has an extended product line of  eight bikes, four of which are 100% canadian eh. While the frames are what made this company what it is, its the components line thats through it into the limelight. Bars, stems, chainrings, grips, pedals, clamps and saddles. You can find these parts blinging out the bikes of the Coastal Crew, Brandon Semenuk, and dozens of other names that you've seen titling videos over the years.  

This sums it up for me:

"The last thing I'd try to say is that dualies are inferior in any way or don't have a place. I don't subscribe to hardtails because of some sense of righteousness. They just represent a part of riding that I love—the idea that you can have a bike for a lifetime. The longer you own it, the more connection you have to it. Here's this awesome machine that weighs 30 pounds and represents a small percentage of your body weight, but gives you superhuman abilities. It's an extension of your body. It has beauty and meaning and it's personal. You can never have that with full suspension. Those bikes become outdated, the pivots break or wear out. I don't know where those bikes go, but they just cease to exist."
-Ian Ritz

So ya. Chromag. I just took it our for the first time today, so I cant give a detailed ride report. But first impressions are pretty stellar. I wont say more then that yet. Heading to Widbey island this week with a couple OD dirtbags to give'er,

Stay tuned.

Trail #30 mode

Oh ya, for those who care, heres a spec list:
Frame: Chromag Samurai
Fork: 2009 Fox Talas 32
Brakes: 2009 XT
Stem: Chromag Ranger 40mm
Bars: Chromag Fubar OSX 
Grips: ODI ruffians
Hubs: 2009 XT
Rims: Mavic *insert numbers and letters here*
Cranks: 2009 XT
Pedals: Deity Decoys
Guide: Straitline Silent guide
Cassette: XT 11-34
Front ring: Raceface gold chainring thing 36t
Rear Derailer: XT shadow plus
Front Derailer: Fuck that noise, 1x
Seatpost: Thompson (reverb tomorrow though)
Seat: Gobi wing flex
Cage: King cage, TI, duh

But seriously, everyone (myself included) talks about these big ol' six inchers being the ultimate quiver killers, but I'm not sure thats the case right now. This bike is rad. At least that how Ill be feeling for next month until my fork and shock get back from Push

There is so much more to say about Chromag and what a rad company it is, Ill try to get out another post soon.


  1. You goddamn hardtail convert. You guys with your fun, and simplicity, and lack of bushing guys just piss me right the fuck off.

  2. I knew it! Rad looking bike. The orange turned out well.

  3. Rad ride. And you broke it in proper on #30. The problem with going hard tail, is not wanting to go back! That is certainly a bike made for a personal conversion. K.I.S.S. I hate reading AM hard tail articles...