Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dirt till death

I hate 650b and everything that goes along with it. I just needed to get that out. I also hate 29er carbon hardtails and xc full suspension frames and everything 29er related. I hate corporate mountain bike companies and sales related bullshit. I love mountain biking. Thanks. -Matt


  1. glad you got that out. only the good riders know when they don't want to go road riding on trails (and hate the medias conjecture...).

  2. So it's safe to assume you canceled your Ripley order? I think there is a mass dissolution on the consumer side of the mtb world. The backlash against 650b is I think a side effect of too many years of industry speak touting this new " bla bla" is so much better than the old "bla bla". In some cases yes, in most cases meh.

    This is coming from a guy, who after a half dozen rides is more than stoked to be riding on a 2013 carbon S Works Enduro. More than stoked. Much more.

  3. I accidentally ended up on the MTBR forums last night for about 30 minutes. It made me hate things. I'm better now.