Monday, February 18, 2013

This New Bike - 2013 Specialized S Works Enduro

The break down -
XX1 drivetrain
Flow EX/Super Comp/White Industry wheels
2.5 Minion EXO tires
Saint brakes
Reverb seat post
Race Face Atlas bars
Sunline 50mm stem
Renthal firm grips
Off set bushing in shock upper eylet -1 degree HA - 1/4" BB
Probably weighs 30 pounds
65.5 degree HA
13.5" BB
40.75" BH
45.5" WB

It is really too early to thoroughly assess the bike and I am still setting up the suspension. The DB Air is highly tune-able. I am kind of picky about my suspension set up, so being able to tune LSC, HSC, LSR and HSR independently is great. I am also not a big fan of air suspension - so the DB Air is a leap of faith.

My first ride impressions are that the rear suspension is great on square edge bumps, the bike wheelies to the point of needing a wheelie bar, the frame is stiff and quick and precise and holds a line extremely well and the cornering traction is very good. 1X11 is the future of AM(yes, I said that, crush your ego and accept The Big Cog). Having only had one ride on it, I am still in the honeymoon phase of this relationship. The bike's deficiencies will start to come out over the next few rides. Every bike has them. Compared to other bikes in this category(AM 160 carbon trail slayer bikes owned by dentists, shop employees, poseurs and electricians) this bike is certainly on the podium and is definitely throwing punches at any other bike that tries to get between it and the top step.

Much more to be revealed over the next few rides.

I am not sponsored by Specialized. The people responsible for making this sweet machine happen are Dave at Center Cycle in Renton and Luke and Derik at Joy Ride Bikes in Oly.