Sunday, February 17, 2013

First MTB ride in 6 months

Been off of the mtb for 6 months - since my wipe out at Steven's Pass. Finally got out today. New bike. New body. Great ride. GL6 was pretty hammered. I don't mind the trail getting rougher(in fact this is an improvement from my perspective). What I don't like, and what does annoy me is the frothy coating of slop and extra wide mud holes from all of the traffic. I vote for turning GL6 into a no-shuttle descent - this would limit the traffic. We are going to end up armoring some sections of that trail. That rant aside, it was wet and sloppy and the sun even came out for a few. It was good to be in Capitol Forest, on a mountain bike.


  1. Stoked! Jim is a alive again! Bike looks great, GL6 needs to be the recipient of a first saturday or two. No doubt. Nice bars.

  2. Yeah! Thanks. Still shaking out the rust, but I am back on Minions on clay again. I am planning to go to the next FOCF work party. We should focus on armoring a couple sections? There is more native rock around GL6 than on LLMT, fortunately. There is so much good to be done for the trails around here, and so little time. I really like the bend of those RF bars. The Havoc 35 had too harsh of a bend for me. These felt perfect from the get go. No adjustment period. 4/8.

  3. that is an awesome rig jim, so glad you are back in the saddle. I was on the GL on saturday and remembered again how fun it is to pre-visualize the natural rocks and roots (that are in my memory banks, somewhere:)) that are lacking on llmtn=fun stuff! Also fun=purposeful foot out sliding into berms on the muddy sections, yee-hahh!!