Monday, February 4, 2013

JRA, FSA style

This happened...

...Because I hopped off a curb. Fuck you, FSA.  Your half-rate, shoddy parts need to go die in a smelter.  Seriously. A choice fragment from their site:
"Exceptions to the 2 year warranty... FSA products that have been used in competition, stunt riding, or for commercial use. This includes bending or breaking components due to the use and abuse of components used for dirt jumping, trials, street or park, downhill and free-riding."
What else would you do with cranks that are advertised for all of these uses?  People shouldn't buy this cheap robot fecal matter, and bike companies should know better than to stock it on their builds cough*diamondback*cough.
I don't like you, FSA.


  1. Wow. That's incredible. Could have resulted in an injury. That is a product line named "Gravity" too. Misrepresentation. Too bad you aren't studying law, you would have a case.

  2. I have also had very bad luck with FSA and Gravity products. Would never buy anything from them after market. Hopefully my cranks don't fail and cause serious injury.

  3. I predict Matt has new cranks on order by the end of the week.