Friday, February 1, 2013


Mark Scott - Enduro on Pinkbike

Fun - sending natural gaps on xc trails:

Also fun - skidding, especially with both feet on the pedals:

even though its dumb when your puny trail bike suspension makes your wheel skip instead of slide

Not fun - climbing in a full face
There is no reason to do this.  Full faces are for trails where you have absolutely no idea what's going to happen, and where you might get your teeth smashed in.  Plus, Aaron Gwin got faster after he lost his teeth.  According to my theory of domgwination, Teeth=Time.  Lose the teeth, lose some time!  I speculate that it's a mixture of only being able to eat full nutrition smoothies without any of that nasty gluten and increased breath intake capacity through the mouth.  The moral of the story is to only ride in half shell.  Ever.  Enjoy your smoothies!


  1. i feel bad for gwin, wish i could have risen up after such disaster. But for me-if you break your jaw in three places while clipping the lip off a seven foot air on a 8 foot quarter, your life comes to an end. I figure in this future, it is better to rock the ff, even on tame trails and if you plan to hit the big lips again; AND eating ice cream smoothies with raw eggs for a month+ through a straw, with your jaw wired shut ain't no fun thing...

  2. That's insane! I knew you broke your jaw at one point, didn't know it was that gnarly.