Thursday, January 31, 2013

Guess the song!

Five bucks says the next edit you watch will be set to a song off of this album:

Confused? It's An Awesome Wave by the group Alt-J. It's really good. You should probably get the album and enjoy the music before their songs achieve full Elly Goulding status and are used in every single biking edit ever.  

Oh, and don't hold me to the five bucks thing, I'm a cheap college student and I won't pay you back ever.


  1. No. Shit. Genius band. Heard them late last year(in a Whistler edit). Bought the album immediately. Tortured Matt(the old man) on the job site with it for the entire month of October. It got so bad for him he had to go to work in the solar industry.

  2. Haha, he probably doesn't listen to anything better working with the hippy dippy types on solar.