Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Random Photo

2007 Capitol Forest Super D - The Berm Basher

First public appearance of The Hand in Capitol Forest. Note the red Michelin with the BOMBERS(insert Seb Kemp's voice here) in the background. Vintage.


  1. love the HAND!! the HAND!!! (i also love the shot where he was in the middle seat of the pickup, i think in a cfmtb trail 30 fix album?, while you were having lunch:) awesome!) But say the words “berm basher” and it really makes me sad. I trained for that race for months, i had every nook and cranny of the course embedded into my head and was a race run i could hold in my hand - the trail 30/mt molly loop descent is my favorite ride in the cap’ (wish we could bring that race back)... at the last minute it rained buckets and then come to find out the morning of’ that dnr decided to start logging the course:( and upon its change into the “old gnarly straight 30” i decided not to enter...

  2. Yeah! There was a definite "uh oh" moment when we found out an hour before the race that there was active logging on the course. Fortunately, communication with DNR is better these days.

    We should bring that course back. It is my favorite too. So fast. So fun. It is too long by Enduro Standards, but that shouldn't stop us. Its' a Super D. Maybe a Strava Challenge this summer?