Monday, January 7, 2013

Let the bidding begin!

Everyones a free agent. Shred the contracts. Rake in the cash.

"I'm honored to continue my relationship with Trek Bicycles, and the Trek World Racing program. Their support has been a key part of my success over the last 2 years, and they’ve given me all the tools I need to reach my goals. I'm excited for the years ahead, and looking forward to further developing the Trek Bicycles brand."

5 out of 36 months? Not bad right?

Hopefully this was the right decision for him. It doesn't matter how fast you are, no company is going to want to invest buckets of money into someone who has a reputation for blowing contracts.

Aaron Gwin is specialized.

---------------------------------BREAKING NEWS----------------------------------
---------------------------------(NOT REALLY)--------------------------------------

It looks like Trek World Racing (Read: Not Trek)is calling out Gwin on breach of "letter of intent", and looking to take legal action if thats what it comes down too. Official press release here.
If it in fact played out how TWR is claiming it did, then it's a fair bet that they have not signed anyone to replace him... and with Leov retiring... that leaves Neko? see you in 2014 TWR.

This batch of speculation and exaggeration brought to you by an uninformed kid with no more inside knowledge then could be gained by skimming the internet machine. Dont take this too seriously.


  1. just when i thought hill to nukeproof news was cool, the gwin to specialized came out and was a mind blower. let the company with the plan and a lot of money win? where the hell does santa cruz come out in this...

  2. Really unbelievable. This PB comment summed it up for me -

    Trailcrazy2772 (3 hours ago)
    Don't even know what's real anymore.

  3. Let the forum gear head overhyping begin!! All of a sudden the carbon Demo was hand delivered by god to Gwin himself! And if someone happens to beat him this year it will definitely be because of his new bike, no question. Not sure why, but this makes me dislike Specialized and the industry in general even more. Old disgruntled online forum burnout signing off for a while...

  4. I think OD needs a gossip column, it will be like all the internet forms just more condensed for easy accessibility. I think its time that OD embraces the fact the the armchair-riding-cubicle-slave-forum-gear-heads are here to stay, and welcomes them in to its society. We need more posts about the danger of carbon, how heavy bikes are actually fast, and if you dont ride lift assisted exclusively you'r a "pussy-F*****t". I really think we can outdo pinkbike guys. In other news Kim and Kanye are having a baby! There hasn't been anything this juicy since Missy Giove decided to start a second career in drug smuggling.

  5. Missy The Missile. A real American entrepreneur.

    It's only a burn out if you take it too seriously. This stuff is fun. The best part about following these racers is we are actual participants in our sport vs Every Other American who is home on Sundays watching 275lb freaks concuss themselves. Oorah.

    Gwin on a Demo! Crazy.

    Looking forward to the next LLMT work party.

  6. This is the greatest part of the off season, team changes and product release. The longer this plays out the more fun its going to be. Imagine the team dynamic if TWR sues and Gwin has to race for them for three more years. I follow these updates religiously.

    In other news the best part about football is STILL the beer you have to drink to make your self forget that you actually watching football.

  7. Why do I have a feeling Ashton Kutcher is behind the curtain with his trucker hat and sly grin on...

  8. That response was not pointed toward anyone personally, just find it funny how hyped this stuff is on PB and Vital. I also sent that response before my morning yoga practice. :-) The product and pro rider glamorization seems to be at an all time high and I feel not at all into it. The best thing for me to do from here is ride and build and stay off the bike sites. I will check the local Oly Dirt news once in a while though.

  9. well it’s troubling to me cause i do follow the fastest american downhill racer since the likes of biblical creatures like jesus, yet i ride a hardtail. The conflict of interest is gnaring at my jaw and can barely try to speak - going through some 485 comments on pb took me a whole hour to decide on my opinion and is a complete waste of time; i wish i was out building instead...

    But since the branding topic is in discussion, i will say that i wish santa cruz or better yet, a local company like transition had the huge bank account to win the gwin over:) and in addition i think a “letter of intent” is not a contract...

    what gwin does is an important retrospect for the entire world of cycling, yet it will always be more fun to be out on your bike in the woods...