Monday, December 17, 2012

New(new) bike

2012 Tracer.

Intense has magic geometry. I remember hopping on an Uzzi SLX at the old Peak Bike shop 12-ish years ago and being able to manual and hop around unlike any other mountain bike I'd ridden up to that point(short chain stays). I put the bike back in the rack and foolishly went about my day on my climbing efficient Giant NRS(modded with an aftermarket long travel rear rocker and a bitch'n Rock Shox Psylo). It was a couple more years until I evolved out of the long top tubes, high bb's, long chain stays and stiff, short travel air suspension XC style bikes. Fun is where it is at, and climbing performance is a distance second to having a good time on the descent. Hence, another long travel coil sprung trail bike that is too burly to win an XC race, and is barely able to hang on a DH trail is back in my stable. The original tweener category.

Made in the USA, and all that patriotic nationalistic oorah bla bla bla.
Sexy, no doubt.


  1. Intense USA, holding it down, i've always dreamed of the days that i will rock a tracer2, uzzi, or the new carbine tweener

  2. That new Carbine (26 or 27.5) looks really good too. A little shorter chain stays and lower BB than the Tracer 2, and carbon.

  3. did they manifest ISCG mounts on the new carbine?

  4. Nope. Major shortcoming. Weird. I wonder if Jeff thinks chain guides are dead now that clutch derailleurs and XX1 front rings are here... I can't think of any other good reason. 2x and 3x are annoying. I road a 2x recently. The front rings and chain kept clacking around and dropping and being just plain overly complex and annoying. Simple is good. 1x.