Monday, December 17, 2012

Fun edit.

Not only was this enjoyable to watch, the soundtrack was much better than anything I expect from the Euros these days.  Going fast is so much fun.  This video is all about fast and fun.

I had that bike, and it was a blast.  I remember fearlessly sending the biggest drop near my house, crashing onto my face, and then doing it again and stomping the landing.  I replaced the awful hayes Sole brakes with El Caminos, and the Truvativ Ruktion cranks with Shimano Hones.  God, it felt so good.  Unfortunately, the bike got stolen.  Once again, that nostalgia of bikes past.  I hope that you enjoy the edit.


  1. YES!!!! I had that frame too! Mine was black though and had the dual crown version of the fork in the video. That makes me want to go somewhere besides Oly to ride.

  2. fun and fast awesomeness, we're talking poland? doesn't matter; seriously enjoyed this edit...

  3. Come to Bellingham... Everyone.