Monday, December 10, 2012

Moto Wives


You can rent it for 24 hours for $5 on itunes.  Worth it.  Included in the hour-long movie:  more whips than an S&M club, an interview with John Tomac, a short mountain biking section, Ronnie Mac action (if you don't know who that is click here now), and a number of interviews with moto wives.  Oh, moto wives.  How you uphold the sweet, traditional roles of the married woman.  Most of them talk about how their job is just to support their husbands and have babies. That's cute.

The good thing is, watching Kickstart 4 made me glad that I ride something other than a 200 pound, noisy as shit, stupidly hard to transport moto. Instead of sitting through 45 minutes of Southern California traffic to ride laps, I rode out to the woods to dig and ride.  It was a good day.

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  1. moto dudes are slinging it in this! awesome post, i think the talent abides in all the disciplines, though i do favor riding out to the woods to dig and ride:)