Thursday, November 8, 2012

WTB Volt Saddle - Review

Saddles are for your butt. This is my review of how this saddle feels when I put my butt on it.
Insert butt.
Interestingly, I bought this saddle because of my thighs.  My previous butt-cushion was a deal at $10 plus shipping & handling, a fatty Transition-branded Velo-made thing with splitting seams.  My thighs kept bumping into it when I would get down low in my power stance.  My butt was happy with the old couch, but my thighs couldn't stand the friction any longer.  I picked out this saddle because it is sleek, thin, and low-profile.  It set me back $45 at my local bike shop.  Forty-five bucks is a significantly larger price than my last saddle, but I'm not complaining.

Round like your butt.
WTB claims that they have manufactured this saddle using the combined knowledge of "years" of "saddle design evolution."  I'm guessing that this means that because their engineers evolved out of monkeys, they were able to figure out that butts are round.  The Volt is shaped for your butt.  It too is round, in the other direction.  When I sit on this saddle, my butt feels good.  Sometimes when I go up steep hills, I sit on the thin front end and thats alright too.  When I sit on the front I'm more sitting on my taint but there's enough cushion for a little bit of taint-sitting.  The best times are when I'm not sitting on my saddle.  I like this saddle because its out of the way when I want to stand up for the gnar gnar.  My thighs go right by without even saying hi, like estranged family members.  If you need a saddle and your butt is narrow but your thighs are massive, check this one out.  

The end.

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