Friday, November 9, 2012

Just sayin

Not sure you guys have noticed yet but the weather has been pretty fine lately. The heavens rejoice the rain that was missing this summer finally fell and the trails are mighty fast right now. That summer dust that made the trails all sorts of loose and squirrely has settled, and with this long week of sun the puddles are almost gone! What I'm trying to say here is that its time to hop off that couch and on to those pedals. Even those of you that don't like riding cap in the winter (Matt), 30 is pinned as hell right now and Im sure 6 is too. Get it while its hot. I know I will be. Also Strava needs a winter option for trails. Im turning that shit off till summer. Makes me feel slow... Live long and prosper. Drink some beer too.


  1. A window of opportunity it is. I may be interested in a lap on 30, 6, and llmt Sunday. No shuttles.