Sunday, November 25, 2012


This video is the type of revolution that mountain biking needs to get us out of the race-focused, results-worshipping culture that it's gotten stuck in.  Mountain bikers need to free the chamois from between their clenched butt cheeks and feel the wind under a visor.

Riding on the Edge 2013 Promo on Pinkbike

I can't believe the terrain that these guys are riding their six-inch travel bikes on.  It's steep, exposed, and has some hard turns for extra danger factor.  Seeing as no other riders have done riding on this level  before, this free video series is sure to rock the mountain biking world.  Enduro racing is so old, and this new biking is so new and exciting and new.  I think that these guys should start a competition on natural terrain where riders are forced to ride their bikes up to the top and then ride down on the ridges and coolies, "linking as many natural features as possible."


According to the Pinkbike article, they started riding this ridge line in 2007.  2007!  They must be so core to have been biking natural features for so long.  I'm glad that "modern action cameras" have finally caught up to their level of riding, so they can showcase the insane riding that they're doing.  In the words of ALLRIDER PRO Pau, "With our competition background as a pro riders riding at the limit all the time on any kind of scary terrain is how I think we really perform our best"
Well said, Pau.  I can't wait to spend hours of time glued to my computer screen, watching other people ride their bikes.


  1. Probably time for them to collaborate("feed off each other") with Masters World Champion(At what? What does that even mean?) Joe Lawill and really raise the game.

  2. Masters class is age 50 and up I believe.

    What the fuck is this shit? Turn that music off...

  3. Yeah. Masters what though? I'm just bitter about Super D still...

  4. Masters is over 40 I believe. Masters World Championships happens once a year, recently it's been in Peru?? When I was into DH it happened at Sun Peaks B.C. every year. Its a pretty big deal actually. Usually a pretty stacked field of ripper old dudes. Simon Lawton has won it a couple times I think. It used to be kind of a joke (when Lawwill won) but now it's pretty serious.