Sunday, November 25, 2012

Lopez Island trails

I spent Thanksgiving on Lopez island, and rediscovered the techy xc paradise that is Lopez Hill.  The islands that dot Washington's coast are perfect for technical trail riding.  Bedrock is exposed on every steep slope, the roots creep across the rocks, and moss covers it all with a plush green pillow.  
Evidence: moss, rocks, trees, trail.

Lopez hill is a small piece of land, but trails have been built in meandering loops that maximize riding distance.  Dash Point State Park, Soaring Eagle Park, and Black Diamond are similar examples of long trails being squeezed onto small plots.  However, Lopez island reigns supreme in my mind as the best little trail stash in Western Washington.  

No style whatsoever.  Team Robot would approve.
My cousin is a photographer, and he was as excited to get out of the house as I was to ride my bike.  We snuck off and did the whole photo-taking thing while more family-minded individuals cooked up a feast for us to enjoy later.  Here's a link to his website for more visuals:  Jack Hunter Photography.

"Gathering nugs," as the freeride movement would put it
If you can't tell, I didn't mean to be this far up in a manual.  Front brake locked.
If you ever find your way out to Lopez, make sure to bring your bike!  Trails maps can be found for sale in the village.

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