Wednesday, October 17, 2012


650B:  29er rollover capability and the flickability (that's a word) of a 26 inch wheel.  It’s the mountain bike revolution!  As any mountain biker will tell you, twenty six inch wheels died in the nineties alongside John Tomac.  Plus, who needs the design limitations and weight penalty of 29 inch rims?
Weights for same wheel in different sizes - 27.5″-1545g, 29er-1725g
Call me a weight weenie, but LOOK AT ALL THOSE GRAMS YOU CAN SAVE OHMYGOD.

Rocking 27.5 inches gives you all of the advantages of 29ers without any of that awful social stigma that you might be part of a rider-driven movement to institute a new wheel size.  There’s no need to choke down tallboys of PBR on cross-country rides because you need to fit in with your big-wheel riding friends, or only ride 29er hardtails because “twenty nine inch wheels have made 26” hardtails obsolete.”
Statistics show that the 650B movement is mostly not driven by Pinkbike forum dwellers

Don’t believe me?  Try it out!  Take out one of the many many many new, un-tested 650B bikes out there with slightly adjusted 26” forks, chainstays, and geometry for a spin and tell me that it doesn’t just feel GREAT out in the parking lot.  You may have a downhill bike for the gnarly jump trails (like A-line, that trail is so crazy), a six-inch travel bike for all those nasty nasty trails with the foot-high drops and the rocks, and a 29er hardtail for those hardcore lycra-clad long distance rides on logging roads, but what about the niche that isn’t being filled?  650B is the wheel size that specializes for trail rides when you want the best of both worlds.  Your quiver isn’t full without one, so go to your local bike shop and support the bike industry by buying one today!
Quiver Killer Filler

But really, are the 27.5" hula hoops all they are cracked up to be?  A comprehensive research  session (read: google search) allowed me to find true answers from one of the hard-hitting journalists of the mountain biking world.
The other journalists put the Sight [650B] through its paces and put the bike sideways in mid-air as they just went round and round doing tricks. I think this this attests how easy the bike is to throw around in mid air as it did not have the big 29er wheel on it." - Francis from
The fact that a bunch of dirtbag bike nerds wired on free shot bloks will jump a bike they don't own and throw whips like they won't have to true the wheels afterwards is not empirical evidence.  Besides, everyone knows you can ride with style on 29ers too:

Twenty Nine Inches on Pinkbike

In conclusion, I am a grumpy mountain biker who feels the need to spew sarcastic filth onto the vast puke-receptacle which is the internet.  It's true that mountain bike wheels are being made in a different size now, and its true that now I have to go memorize a whole new set of geometry and bike parts and all that waste of brain space, but the bottom line is that its all bikes, and its all fun.  As always, ride your bike and get stoked not dead.