Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Best time crunched training plan

Ever wondered if there is a training plan out there that doesn't take 12-15 hours a week? Want people to wonder how the hell you got so strong so fast? Want them to question whether or not you are on steroids even though you're not? If you are one of those riders who says you don't care about "being fast" and only care about the "social experience" and the scenery, I say you are kidding yourself and you should look into these programs before your time expires.

Best quick strength training mountain bike specific programs available that I know of.


  Best interval specific training program that I know of. If you think spinning on your road bike for 15 hours a week is doing something for your MTB fitness you are delusional. Get out there and crank out some intervals and REALLY improve that fitness! Takes less time too!


Also, please take the time to learn how to jump your bike. It is important for local trail building progress and for building a community of shredders. Thank you.

Science bless. 


  1. You are whittling away at my excuses...

  2. I guess this means I cant use sick puke as an excuse anymore...

  3. Haha, I love the last little plug for learning to jump.