Thursday, October 4, 2012

This is me.

Couple days ago I got an email from Jim and Matt, asking me if I had any interset in being a contributor to OlyDirt. Before I even had a chance to respond I got the next email from google telling me that I was an authorized contributor. Well played google, well played. But really I'm stoked to be apart of this, and soon enough you'll be seeing my moniker at the bottom of posts. Until then let me tell you a quick bit about myself. I was born and raised in Maine, and grew up riding the lifts and shredding that techy eastcoast single track. A downhiller at heart, I still find my self on the all mountain bike more often then not, either self shuttling it up to the trail head and pinning a DH run, or venturing out on a longer trail ride. But when the shuttling is available I strap on the full face and the flat pedals and remind myself why I took up riding (I also have a road bike, dont tell nobody!). Now I'm out here on the left coast, starting my junior year at Evergreen State College and trying to stay on two wheels as often as possible. So far so good. Thats it for today, but you'll be hearing from me soon enough. Keep it wicked.