Friday, October 5, 2012

The best mountain bike I've ever owned

Medium IBIS Mojo HD, Phil Wood SS bearings throughout frame, BB and wheels - frankenbiked into a 65 degree head angle(with an AS +/- .5-1.5 degrees), use lots of sag with the wide open chunder taming valving on the PUSH built Monarch RT AM air for a low BB, equally uber-plush Marzocchi 55 RC3 Ti fork(greatest trail fork ever built, period) for a comparativly deep sag front end to balance out the rear into a neutral handling low slung berm shredding bump munching hover craft. Solid SRAM XO XX 1X10, XTR, MRP, E13, Derik Archibald built Flow rims Hope hubs, Formula The One stoppers, Easton Havoc Carbon bars, Thomson stem, Reverb, Minion, etc etc etc. This bike is quick at the pedals, plush as plush can be with superior traction and is as equally effective at providing compression and rebound stability over all terrain at speed. Not your average trail bike. 30 lbs.
$3500 local Oly rider price -
Might possibly consider selling the HD PUSH tuned Vivid Nuke Proof Ti coil as well. Maybe, $.

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  1. that bike kills it! if ever a work trade for ethernet/telecom wiring installs comes about and/or "electrician helper", let me know...