Friday, October 12, 2012

The Never Ending Quest

When asked what kind of biker I am I happily list off many disciplines starting with "Dh, all mountain, ect.. " and ending with "and the occasional road ride" (note I do not say roadie) but one thing I always make sure to omit is dirt jumper. I love hitting the occasional dirt jump and I even have a small six pack out on my local trails back in Maine, But the amount I spend jumping my little bike is so unsubstantial that I absolutely suck at it. Coming out to the west coast I had this idea that dirt jumps were everywhere, bike park in every town sort of fantasy. Alas it is not so and as such two years later, I still suck at dirt jumping. But when the opportunity arises I jump on it. A few nights ago was the FOCF volunteer appreciation party at the legendary Snyder compound, and like always it was rocking. Following up a long day of digging, sweeping, and sculpting lines out in the forest we all gathered at Davids residence and were treated to a wonderful meal featuring close to 50lbs of salmon and of course, the pump track.
Trail 30 is pinned!

 While people rested their shovel arms and cooled down with a cold beer or two (or a dozen) a small crowd of us rallied, snapped on our brain buckets and started what rapidly became a thrown down pump track sesh.
 After an hour or so of shralping, gapping and manualing our way around then loop we found our selves once again posted up at the step up. We discovered not so long ago that what was seemingly intended to be a drop in to the bowl, if hit backwards is a rad little step up trick booter. Fast forward to the end of the night, we were tired, battered and bruised, but more then anything else wanted to go find a nice real big booter, and wouldn't you know, Duthie has one! So like good college students we went home, packed the car, charged our cameras and went to sleep early. Unfortunately thats a lie. Instead we partied in the woods. The best idea? Maybe not. worth it though? Yup.  The cool thing is that Duthie is an hour and half away and with the right medicine, plenty of time to cure a hangover (Family secret recipe). The bad news is that because of the shenanigans we forgot our cameras. But hey how bad is that really. After a few poor hits, I got the speed down on the run in (go as fast as possible) and started cleaning it.  Extrapolate out a couple hours and I was sending it clean every time, and feeling damn good on a lip.
We got one crappy cell phone vid

With the rain starting this will probably be the last time for a while that well get to enjoy wooden kickers and square edged lips, but the sun will come out again, and we will make an edit. And it will be wicked.