Sunday, October 14, 2012

FOCF Super D 2008

A rainy afternoon sifting through the old PC's hard drive unearthed some lost classics photo folders. In 2008 there were spring and fall FOCF race weekends - double the trouble(in 2007 we held 5 events - 3 Super D races starting and ending with spring and fall poker runs - a very ambitious commitment level that year). The first Capitol Forest Super D course of 2008 was shortened due to snow up high on the mountain. The start was at the same spur road the 2012 CFE started at - locally know as "the low super d start". Jagger throttles in it some muck just before C-Line road in March '08. The sunny photo of me is from the September '08 Super D. Norco Fluid LT's in full effect here. That was the year Norco started to kick it's habit of designing the clunkiest and ugliest looking bikes in North America.


  1. Awesome! You look fit and ready to kick some ass!

  2. Yeah! That was about the last year I'd consider myself to have been "fit", too. Notice the rear end getting a little bucked? That was when the table tops were real lippy. Super Suck Sketchy at speed like that. Fun-ish!

    I remember Lars pulling an Uber-Jedi manual over those tables that year. Supernatural.

  3. nice, keep the old pics' coming!