Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Shoot The Trails x2

I can't care enough to write much about this event, so its a good thing that Mr. Walton over at Pinktrike was kind enough to do it for me: WMBC 2nd annual Shoot The Trails
Also, I couldn't go and I'm still pouting about it.  That's not to say that I wasn't there in picture-perfect form:

Haha, no but its true.  For cerial.

Congratulations to my buddy David Waugh on the third place photo.  The word on street is that his photo was late to the party and could have gotten more votes, but oh well.  Next time.  Check out more of his work here:

As always, get stoked not dead.


  1. I wondered if that was you. I recognized your buddy's name. Very cool.

  2. Nice, Finn. Your white rim is all aglow too!

  3. David Waugh, or david WOW! very jealous & sooo stoked this photo is of you all across pb = awesomeness!