Saturday, October 27, 2012


This video just in through the interweb via email. What is email? It is a form of communicating directly(and privately) between people(s) through the interweb, predating Mark Zuckerberg planting his fangs in the jugular of every credulous zombie sheep in America(and beyond). (I reserve my right to check my privacy at the door and join at a future date. Maybe for V2.0). Baaaa.
World Championships 2008. I would argue that with a modern wide handlebar, and sans dance uniform this run would slay anyone in 2013. WC racers should be in fear of this man getting his flow back. Fear of Sam Hill motivates Gwin to train as hard as he does. Gwin knows. The Second Coming of Sam Hill is near.
And not speaking of the second most boring racer and personality on WC podiums today and the only WC DH course requiring a dropper post - what is happening(has happened) in this country to spawn(Prawn) this? South Africa's dirty laundry is leaking beyond it's borders. Try and wipe that from your mental hard drive. This might help -
This won't help.


  1. If he would have made it through that last corner it would have been the shot heard round the mtb world. He destroyed that shit. Gwin is too conservative to do something like that.

  2. Damn it, he railed his head off the ground.

  3. Sam Hill is the reason I became interested in watching WC DH racing - in pure amazement of his ability and the influence on my own meager trail riding skills from studying his riding style. I watched that race on Freecaster in 2008. The crowd was on it's feet at the end - Sam was at the top of his game. Hope he makes it back.


  4. if it wasn't for the commentary by Rob Warner on these races, i don't think we would all be as stoked... dare i say most awesome sports announcer in history! i'm crossing my fingers for hill to beat gwin at least sometime during the next few years, but what is truely exciting for me would be to see steve smith hold em’ both back, more times than naught...