Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Phoenix, AZ trip

Natty completed the AZ Ironman Race. Badass! (2.5mi swim/112mi bike/26mi run ). I hooked up with GnarGnarTours for some shuttle runs on SouthMountain Rec.Area in Phoenix. Great group of guys. $20 for the whole day of shuttles. "Geronimo" was fast, rocky, and technical. "Holbert" was super-uber-techy rock! "National" was flowy, fun, fast with bits of climbing....better suited for a 6" bike. I rode my Norco Shore. 1St time flying with my bike. It's a lot of work and dough. The other guys were riding Cove Shocker, Intense 951, and Spesh Demo8. They know how to ride the rocks! Glad to be back on OlyDirt. Cheers!


  1. Killer! How does the riding there compare to the NW? It seems like it would be cool for a while but would get boring quick?

  2. Natty is bodering on becoming unhuman. Studdet! Nice work Natty.

    Refreshing ride report. Welcome back to The Grey. Break out the Wet Screams. As soon as Jagger gets someone to CNC him a derailure hanger we'll all have to head out for some mud. I think SW WA is calling.

  3. Riding the rocks without trees or dirt just doesn't seem right. THe best part about it was the Sun,SUn,SUN!