Monday, May 9, 2016


1st Annual Capitol Forest MTB Trails Summit



The first annual Capitol Forest MTB Trails Summit was held on April 30, 2016. Location: The AC Fun Center. The purpose of this meeting was to host and provide an open forum opportunity to bring together all of the vested and local Capitol Forest MTB stakeholders to discuss past, present and future works for Capitol Forest mountain biking.  


The afternoon’s discussion covered current trail stewardship commitments:

Little Larch Mountain Trail - John M.
Peak Trail - Trey W.
Greenline Trail - OPEN lead position
Crestline Trail - Eric S.
Wedekind Trail - Jeff C.
Porter Trail - Kelly W. / Henry G.  
Twin Peaks Trail - Jim G. / Jamey P.

The afternoon’s discussion covered proposed new trail opportunities:

Dowhill MTB Trail - Andrew C. / Jim G.
Creek To Peak Multi Use Climbing Trail - Trey W.
Kids MTB Trail - Kelly W.
Little Larch Mountain MTB Climbing Trail - John M.
Twin Peaks Trail MTB  Reroutes - Jim G. / Jamey P.
Porter Trail Multi Use Reroutes - Kelly W. / Henry G.  

The afternoon’s open forum included feedback and comments:

How are we to cover our current commitments as well as commit to new trail commitments?
- Derik A.

There is a need for access to Capitol Forest from the North end of Delphi RD into the B-8000 zone. There is no access to Capitol Forest from the north end of Delphi, near the westside of Olympia. This access opportunity would more efficiently feed users into the forest, without having to concentrate them into the current closest points of entry - Rock Candy TH and CLine RD. This North Delphi entrance would also allow cyclists to ride from Olympia, directly into Capitol Forest without having to trespass through private land or navigate the current cyclist unfriendly options of Waddell Creek RD and Highways 101/8.
- Adam H.


  • Designated trail steward leads are continuing to move forward with their projects
  • A commitment to form a coordinated work party calendar was made
  • A commitment to coordinate labor, materials and resources was made
  • The Capitol Forest Trails Committee will reconvene for another open forum session
  • A commitment to create an online discussion forum for trail leads


  • If you can commit to leading or providing support for trail projects -
  • Sign up with the CFMTB, Capitol Forest’s longest running online MTB community -

If you are interested in a specific trail project outlined above, contact the trail lead directly.


All photos courtesy of Cam Sloan and Joyride Bicycles. Check their blog post here -

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