Monday, August 10, 2015

I don't make time to ride as often as I'd like to these days...

...and when I'm not getting out I'm working(too much), domesticating and watching WC DH races.

There is no better demonstration of bike handling skills than from racers on World Cup DH courses. And there is an extremely small percentage of riders in the history of the sport that can take what is generally accepted to be the highest level of the sport, and then push beyond it leaving everyone else in the world far behind.  

If you didn't watch yesterday's UCI DH World Cup in Windham NY but plan to, stop reading now....

Aaron Gwin threw down a run yesterday that very few other riders on the planet have or can. He crossed over and went there. Sam Hill, Josh Bryceland, Danny HartDock Ellis - an extremely small club of astral plane pioneers. A few people get to win the game, and even fewer move on to a game only they themselves are capable of playing.

The Gwinner, "Not just winning - dominating" - Someone on PB.

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