Saturday, April 18, 2015

Twin Peaks Trail Rebuild

The classic Capitol Forest gnar fest formerly known as Trail 30 is heading off to rehab. 

Down. But not for long.

After a major logging operation this last year, a trail to road conversion and years of neglect, it's time for a look under the hood. "Trail rehabilitation" means many things to many people. In my mind, maintaining the more downhill oriented flow of Trail 30's long loved berms and steep(er) chunder root fest is the paramount priority in this trip to rehab. Other factors to consider are multi use riding experience needs - this is also a quad/moto trail, managing wear and tear from the motos and mother nature as well as silt run off from the trail onto the roads. As usual, not everyone will be happy with the end results, but hopefully we can keep the work focused on an outcome that preserves the original character of the trail while balancing these other considerations. 

Also. Unlike the other popular downhill(ish) shuttle run in Capitol Forest - Green Line trail, the Twin Peaks trail offers a more appropriate place to rally shuttle groups with minimal user conflict as well as provides the most direct shuttle route to the most sustained descent on the map in Capitol Forest via C8200 road which parallels are large section of the trail. Win - win. And, looking to the future and the potential of a DNR approved "real" downhill trail actually coming together in Capitol Forest, the Twin Peaks Corridor would make for an ideal location for these same reasons - food for thought a little off of topic, but not really. 

I think what we are really thinking of when we think of this Twin Peaks Zone and it's history and hopefully future is the appreciation of that fleeting state of quiet and focused mind that occurs while riding with a relatively elevated risk factor by navigating uneven terrain and unpredictable conditions at an increased rate of descent.

Love at first rim dent. Twin Peaks Trail. 
Here is the preliminary project map. Planning is just beginning and this is a project that will hopefully see quality work with a 2015 completion date. 

Sound good? Want to dig in? 
More info coming here at Oly Dirt and please join the conversation and stay informed with project updates and communications over at the Capitol Forest Recreation Yahoogroup. 


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