Sunday, April 12, 2015

trail stewardship and knee healing...

Green line tie trail got some love today. 
No culvert installed, just a drainage ditch & a lot of rocks to let the water flow through to the other side.  Probably not a permanent solution, as the rocks will get silted in, but we were just having a fun day out in the woods. 
We were running short on time, so we didn’t have enough hours left for a good loop, but Nathan let me ride down to fall creek, and he picked me up down at the bottom.  Sweet times out on the capitol forest trails today.
A week shy of three months off my bike since my recent ACL surgery, I was ready to tackle the forest and have my say out in those glorious woods, a score on many levels.  Having spent my pre-injury riding mostly on llmtn or our local gravity trails, this was a flash back ride. 

A little nervous trying to pin it during my knee recovery, I wasn’t fully risking anything.  No foot dabs or drifts with leg-out allowed, just coasting.  Wedekind trail, aka Mima porter #8 to fall creek will test the peddling efforts of a fully pinned run, yet the beauty of the forest well makes up for it.  Halfway through my run, I started to get it.  All of the memorized line scope that I have learned during the last dozen years of riding this best trail, finally came to me.  I was pinned for 10 seconds here, 20 seconds there, 2 seconds around a brilliant berm and full on speed during many of the sections.  A smile on my face was had as I rolled back down toward fall creek. 

yeah you can roll that trail with your family for a good Sunday joyride.  And yeah you can roll that sweet gradual descent with a fucked up knee and reminisce in your mind a fully pushed cadence run & pan out in your mind the lovely place you call home,.  Capitol forest, WA.

I call it a Glorious day!