Thursday, May 15, 2014



  1. Nice! I'm interested to hear how the new bike rides.

  2. Beautiful evening out there yesterday. And no one on the trails(not @ FC TH).

    The HT is a ripper. As a long time full suspension convert, there have been some adjustments. Cornering on a HT is quite different than a squish bike. Some argue it is better on a HT, I'd just call it different. Where you can squat a suspension bike into the corner, increasing traction and lowering the BB and center of gravity, a HT just kind of stands up and walks around the corner. And pumping terrain at speed is quite different too - pumping a HT when hauling is like pumping a bike with 1" of suspension travel that has no compression or rebound damping - different. The head angle change is different too. Where you can squat a suspension bike and effectively slacken or balance the head angle, the HT when the fork compresses produces a steeper HA - makes cornering and descending steeps a different experience.
    Overall it has been a fun and quick bike to ride. I think found it's sweet spot rallying around some mellow CF trails last night. It's a good bike. I can't help but imagine it would would handle better with a slacker HA and lower BB though. The tweener wheels are different too - I'll have to get back on a little wheeled bike to compare. I'd give On One 4 out of 5 stars for the 45650b - great geometry(and slackest on the market), good looks and priced right. You are welcome to borrow it anytime. One other unscientifically proven fact - hard tails have more soul.